Foresight Roosevelt Wealth Management

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Over the last 40 years, The Foresight Companies’ focus on helping owners better manage their business has helped clients build value in their firms, but something was missing; the management of these business owners’ corporate & personal financial assets by a qualified professional, prior to and post-retirement. For the first time in funeral service that gap no longer exists.

The alliance between The Foresight Companies and Roosevelt Investments fills that need. Roosevelt has provided comprehensive financial planning and asset management services throughout the funeral service and cemetery profession for 50 years.

Many wealth managers provide inclusive planning, but only advise clients on their liquid wealth, which may pale in comparison to the true value of their business.

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An alternative to working with multiple parties with potential disjointed communication, Foresight Roosevelt Wealth Management is an integrated service for the funeral service profession that provides holistic resources for business management, personal investments, asset protection, estate, succession & exit planning.

We understand your business and can work together to make sure your needs are met, and that the process is seamless and effective.

Experience the Difference

Roosevelt Investments is a boutique wealth management firm located in midtown Manhattan with 50 years of experience providing comprehensive financial planning and asset management services to cemeteries, funeral homes, and their owners. The firm offers investment strategies with a focus on maximizing income and an emphasis on downside protection. In addition to managing perpetual care and preneed trust assets, Roosevelt’s experienced team provides cemetery and funeral home owners with financial, estate, retirement, succession, and exit planning services.

The Foresight Companies is passionate about the funeral and cemetery profession. Their business and financial consulting firm has a singular focus, their client’s success. Foresight’s mission is to provide solution-based services that guide our clients through the process of strategic change. Their role as a trusted adviser includes Accounting, Financing, Valuations, Merger/Acquisitions and Human Resources and Compliance business services. Foresight understands the business of doing business.

Integrated financial planning means we look at a client’s assets in many ways.

Holistic financial planning means we aim to look at all of their assets.

Most people are concerned with dying too soon. We understand. In reality, the bigger risk is living too long. We provide comfort by helping to maximize the management tools we employ to run a business successfully and then harness the profits for your financial future. Comfort is knowing that you and your family will be provided for.

That is the power of holistic, integrated wealth management.

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